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Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributing writer for the Little Acorn Learning guides and
newsletter.  We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming monthly enrichment ebooks and
newsletters.  To see a sample of our enrichment books to get an idea of how submission should look, please visit
sample page to download a free week or contact us for more information.

Our submissions guidelines are as follows:

-        Submissions should be sent in a Word document with photos embedded within the document just as they
should appear within the ebook to our
email.  If we have trouble with the quality of your photos, we will contact
you to send them as an attachment separately.

-        All photos should be of high quality and done in natural lighting whenever possible.  Crafts are often
photographed better when done so near a source of natural light or even in the outdoors.  

-        All submissions should keep in mind our audience of waldorf-inspired parents, homeschoolers, teachers and
others who work with children in a holistic manner.  Whenever possible we ask that you use natural and non-
synthetic materials in your supply lists.  We also ask that submissions encourage a true love for the natural world
and avoid the use of electronics with children.  

-        Submissions targeting the caregiver and teacher are also of great value.  It is our goal to help feed and develop
the adult’s soul in their work with children as well as providing activities for the children directly.  Meditations,
adult crafting, homemaking, baking and self-help submissions are welcome.

-        This is extremely important:  ALL material sent to us must be your own original work.  We take copyright
laws very seriously and you may not use other’s ideas, words, photos or material in any way.  Songs, stories and
recipes must also be your own original creations.

-        At the top of your Word Document, please include your name, title of the activity or submission, word
count, photo count and associated theme and week (i.e.  June, Week One – Pirates & Treasures, Discovery).  These
‘themes’ are provided to you by Little Acorn Learning before you submit.  

-        High quality photos add significant value to your submission.  A delicious recipe that is submitted without
any photos of the process and result would not yield as high a payment as one that did.

-        If your piece is accepted, Little Acorn Learning reserves full, exclusive rights to the piece after you have been
sent payment.  This means that you should not post the actual material or submission anywhere else for
publication.  We reserve the right to also publish your piece in newsletters, websites and in future publications as
fitting for promotional purposes.  You are more than welcome to promote the publication on your websites or
blog and describe what your contribution was along with one photo from the accepted submission.  

-        Accepted submissions receive a monetary stipend between $15-40 per contribution.  The process of
determining this value is very complicated and does not only reflect the quality of the submission.  Many things are
taken into consideration including budget, relevance, quality and our target end user’s needs.  Please understand
that even though a great amount of work goes into submitting a piece to Little Acorn Learning, we are unable to
accept them all.  We encourage you to keep trying.

-        If your piece is not accepted for use in an ebook, it may be considered for use in our free newsletter.  
Newsletter acceptance does not receive monetary payment but we will be happy to put a short biography with
photo and link to a website of your choice at the bottom of the submission.   

-        After all submissions have been reviewed, acceptance emails go out.  Within that email you will see which
piece has been accepted and the monetary value you will be paid for it if you choose to continue with publication.  
You must respond to that email within 24 hours for us to publish your work.

If you would like to submit something for our upcoming materials, please send us an
email requesting our
upcoming ebook themes and deadlines.  Please also include links to samples of your writings and work to be
considered as a potential contributor.  You will then be added to a private facebook group to receive important
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E-books and website material may not be distributed to others via print, email or by any other means and is for the sole use of the original
purchaser for their work with children.  Only our printed books that we offer through lulu.com CAN be resold and traded to others wishing to
purchase our materials at a reduced cost.
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