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Summer Childcare Menu
*Developed by a Professional Nutritionist and Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher

Ah, lovely summer days or sitting in the shade of a tree, or in the park or at the
lake.  We want to spend more time outside and much less time inside behind a
stove.  But we still want to feed our families and the children in our care delicious
and nutritious food.  How to strike that balance?

This menu is set using the daily grains specified by Rudolph Steiner and widely
used in Waldorf Kindergartens and homes the world over. We have also
included many recipes that are easily doubled or tripled so that you can serve
homemade wholesome foods every day without having to spend all day in the

These recipes also invite story telling, either while preparing, serving or at the
table.  Talk about how the color of berries lets you know that they are full of
good vitamins.  Talk about how the chickens are laying plenty of eggs and how
the eggs are filled with protein that their bodies need to play and jump.

The Summer Menu is a full week of recipes that are meant to be rotated
throughout the season.  This is done to create a predictable rhythm to mealtime in
the home that the children and caregiver can depend upon each day, warming the
child both spiritually and physically throughout the season.  

Each day offers a recipe for breakfast, two snacks and lunch.  Keep in mind that
some of these foods do require a good amount of cooking and baking time - a
process that the children should be involved in each day.  Many of the meals are
easily frozen, however, for those of you who wish to cook in bulk ahead of time
for convenience.

Summer Menu Index

Monday - Rice, Purple
Breakfast:  Coconut Pancakes
Snack 1:  Seaweed Rice Snacks
Lunch:  Summer Soup
Snack 2:  Purple Power Smoothie

Tuesday - Oats, Red
Breakfast:  Cherry Smoothie
Snack 1:  Peanut Oatmeal Bars
Lunch:  Salad Sandwiches
Snack 2:  Cinnamon Ginger Cookies

Wednesday - Millet, Yellow
Breakfast:  Breakfast Salad
Snack 1:  Tapioca Crepes
Lunch:  Summer Quiche
Snack 2:  Ginger Sesame Popcorn

Thursday - Barley, Orange
Breakfast:  Barley Breakfast
Snack 1:  Power Balls
Lunch:  Pasta with Pesto
Snack 2:  Blueberry Corn Muffins

Friday - Rye, Green
Breakfast:  Benedict Strada
Snack 1:  Rye Crackers with Nut Butter
Lunch:  Summer Pizza
Snack 2:  Banana Nut Bites
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