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Our *New* March Enrichment Guide is Available!

The Afterschool Enrichment books are different from our regular 3 day and 5 day lesson plan guides... the Enrichment books
follow the rhythm of a weekly theme with the flexibility that teachers, homeschoolers and afterschooling parents need to
enrich their children's Waldorf learning experience at home or school.  Our new Monthly Enrichment Guides are filled to the
rim with crafts, recipes, activities, stories and inner-work suggestions and they follow a weekly theme to keep your home or
school following a seasonal rhythm.  They are not structured like classroom lesson plans, as our Childcare Lesson Plan
Guides are and keep older children in mind along with the caregiver.  They are created so you can use the ideas as time allows
without having each day specifically planned out for you.

These Enrichment Guides were created to help parents, teachers and caregivers of all types create a healthy, rhythmic and
peaceful home for their children.  These guides may be used with children attending traditional schools, Waldorf schools,
private schools, childcare centers or with homeschooled children as an enrichment tool to extend their Little Acorn

This March Enrichment Book Includes an EXTRA week
that we are giving away *FREE*

Week One, March
Fairies & Dragons, Magic

~Share an Old Story from the
Brothers Grimm with Your Children
~Enjoy Many Verses and Fingerplays to Sing to the Fairies and Dragons You Encounter
~Teach Your Child the Penny Whistle Using 'The Tooth Fairy' Song with both the Sheet Music and MP3
to Listen to!
~Read About Why Fairies are so Active Right Before the Spring Equinox and Make Indoor and Outdoor
Fairy Homes
~Create Dragon Eggs for Your Children and Go on a Dragon Hunt Adventure After they Hatch!
~Felt a BEAUTIFUL Fairy Home for Hours of Creative Play!
~Make an Embossed Dragon Box
~Enjoy a Special Fairy & Dragon Recipe
~Meditate on How to Create a Magical Life for You and Your Children

Week Two, March
The Season of Lent, Sacrifice

~Make Handcrafted Rose Windows to Celebrate this Sacred Time of Year
~Learn the History of Lenten and How Christians and Non-Christians Can Use this Time for Spiritual
~Make Homemade Lenten Pretzels with Your Children
~Meditate on What Attachments You Need to Let Go of to Live the Life You Deserve
~Read Beautiful Poetry and Songs with Your Children
~Make a Giving Jar to Inspire Generosity in Your Home or School

Week Three, March
St. Patrick's Day, Luck

~Read How the Four Leaved Clover Became the Fairies' Plant
~Cook Delicious Shepherd's Pie With Your Family or Students
~Learn Songs and Fingerplays About Leprechauns, Luck and More!
~Go on a Four-Leaved Clover Hunt!
~Spend Time this Week in Silent Gratitude for All of Your Blessings in Life
~Make a St. Patty's Day Leprechaun Mobile
~Bake Irish Soda Bread from Scratch
~Create a Magical Leprechaun Party Outdoors

Week Four, March
Spring's Return, New Life

~Read Beautiful Spring Tales to The Children
~Learn about the Spring Equinox and It's Meaning
~Create Ostara Masks to Celebrate the Return of Spring
~Enjoy a Spring Puppet Play about The Little Plant
~Find Out what our Spring Blossom Recipe is All About!
~Reflect on Your True Gifts and Give Birth to a New You
~Create a Colorful Spring Wreath for Your Front Door
~Practice, Sing and Listen to the Crocuses Song with the Lovely Penny Whistle or Flute
~Make Eggshell Beeswax Candles for Your Nature Table
~Handcraft a Spring Nature Table Doll out of Beautiful Felt
~Create a Royal Toad Abode and Invite Spring Toads into Your Garden

Week Five, March
Rainbows, Creating Color

Download or Review the entire
Week Five for *FREE*
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'Rainbows, Creating Colors'
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