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Little Acorn Learning Snack Mat
by Valarie Budayr

Nothing says fall more than squirrels and acorns. To celebrate the beginning of autumn, a Little Acorn Learning snack mat is in order.

What you’ll need:
•        Felt in the colors of light brown, dark brown, and light forest green.
•        Embroidery floss in the colors of dark brown, golden green, and golden yellow
•        Pins
•        Scissors
•        Needles
•        Glue
Acorn Pattern and Squirrel Pattern

Take your acorn pattern, cut it in half following the scalloped edge of the acorn.
Take the top half of your acorn pattern and pin it to a light brown piece of felt.
Take the bottom half of your acorn pattern and pin it to a dark brown piece of felt.

Once you have your felt cut out, it’s time to embroider the markings on the top half of the acorn. Follow the markings from the pattern,
or the photos.

Next we’ll sew the top and bottom halves together using a blanket stitch.

Taking your light forest green piece of felt, cut out a 15 inch x 15 inch square for your place mat.

Position the acorn on the left hand side. Pin the acorn to the felt mat and then sew it on using the golden embroidery thread. Again I
used a blanket or whip stitch.

Making the Squirrel

Take a light brown piece of felt and pin the squirrel pattern on it.

Cut it out. With dark brown embroidery thread, sew in the details of the squirrel such as the line between the tail and the body as well
as the feet, eyes, and nose.

Taking a 4 inch by 2 ½ wide inch of green felt. Fold and overlap the ends. Sew into place.

Make a line of glue on the seam.

Place the squirrel on top of the glue line and let it dry.

Now you’re ready to use your acorn snack mat and your squirrel napkin ring.  Enjoy!!!

To wash, just hand wash it in cold water and let it dry flat.
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